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Are you new to Automation? This is the right place to start, for business and technical participants new to Automation. You will become familiar with and conversant in the basic elements of Automation

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Automation – Part 1
    Welcome to the Introduction to Automation modules. There is a lot to become familiar with, so we have divided this introduction into two parts.

Part 1 provides definitions of Automation, and reviews relevant aspects of Business Operations Automation, including Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Automation, and Front and Back Office Automation.This course will inform and enable automation professionals to speak confidently and compellingly about Intelligent Automation. This course includes multiple modules, including:

Introduction to Automation – Part 1
Introduction to Automation – Part 2
Automation Market
Automation Drivers
Automation Economics
Automation Challenges
Automation Strategy
Automation Implementation

  • Module 2 – Introduction to Automation – Part 2
    Part 2 discusses IT Automation, and Application Development Automation. In addition, a series of comparisons highlight the differences between commonly used Automation terms and other adjacent technologies.Introduction to Automation Part 2 Learning Objectives
    Define IT and Application Development Automation and contrast them with Business Automation.Compare and contrast Business Process Management and Automation.Compare and contrast Automation and Analytics.Compare and contrast Automation and Macros.Welcome to the Market module of the Automation Essentials course. This Market module examines the size of the Automation market, the size and industries of organizations implementing Automation solutions, and the key use cases that drive Automation adoption.
  • Module 3 – Automation Market
    Welcome to the Market module of the Automation Essentials course. This Market module examines the size of the Automation market, the size and industries of organizations implementing Automation solutions, and the key use cases that drive Automation adoption.
  • Module 4 – Automation Drivers
    Welcome to the Automation Drivers module. This module examines what factors trigger the interest in Automation, what are the key drivers of adoption, and what are the challenges that can be encountered in Intelligent Automation initiatives.
  • Module 5 – Automation Economics
    Welcome to the Automation Economics module. This module examines how Automation has a positive influence on cost and revenue in service-oriented enterprises. Automation reduces FTE headcount, and a host of related costs. At the same time, Automation allows businesses to handle a greater volume of business, with improved quality, governance, and compliance.

Economics Module – Learning Objectives

Estimate the range of cost savings Automation brings to operations in low-cost locales
Estimate the range of cost savings Automation brings to onshore operations
Identify the typical payback period for an investment in Automation
Drivers Module – Learning Objectives

Rank and characterize the drivers for Intelligent Automation adoption
Recognize the circumstances that trigger Intelligent Automation adoption
Identify impediments to Intelligent Automation adoption

  • Module 6 – Automation Challenges
    Welcome to the Automation Challenges module. This module examines the challenges organizations face when integrating Intelligent Automation technology into their business. Rapid evolution of technology means that operations teams can quickly improve their performance and set their organizations on the digital journey. It also means that organizations face a number of challenges in adopting Intelligent Automation.Challenges Module – Learning Objectives
    List the challenges to effective governance of Intelligent Automation
    Explain the change management process for Intelligent Automation
    Describe the skills necessary to implement Intelligent Automation successfully
    Highlight primary issues that the Information Technology (IT) organizations face in adopting IA capabilities
  • Module 7 – Automation Strategy
    Welcome to the Automation Strategy module. This module examines Automation strategy, the game plan that addresses critical Automation success factors including process excellence, governance, technical skills, and sustainable deployment.
  • Strategy Module – Learning Objectives
    List the critical elements of Automation strategy
    Describe the balance of Automation Strategy control and autonomy
    Compare and contrast the four models of Automation Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Module 8 – Automation Implementation
    Welcome to the Automation Strategy module. This module examines Automation implementation, the approach by which Automation projects are delivered quickly and correctly using an Agile approach. An agile implementation life-cycle works best for implementing Intelligent Automation projects. Experience implementing combined Cognitive and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects reveals a 12-week agile implementation approach delivers sound results.
  • Implementation Module – Learning Objectives
    List the stages of an Automation implementation
    Identify the key deliverables of the Agile Kick-off
    List the key activities of the Processing work track

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