Digital Marketing Services

digital marketing services

Digital Transformation & Marketing

BTMG USA also provides a full time digital automation and marketing solutions to take your business to next level with modernized marketing practices.

Our team of digital marketing experts make sure to transform your existing mode of marketing and business development into a more profitable and effective process. Our digital marketing services are customized as per your business needs and is also very light on your business budgets.

Our purpose is to make sure that your business is approachable on all possible touch points where your target market spends time or the point of activities they do over internet

BTMG USA – we help companies manage their web presence smoothly so they focus on their business,clients & productivity with peace of mind.

Why You Need Digital Marketing?

It’s the need of modern day business to capture all possible touch points where they can get potential customers, social media marketing enables the small to large businesses to establish a two way communication channel between business and customers.

Here is why you need to get onto digital media marketing?

  • The need of modern day business to capture the potential prospects online on the platforms they are most active and spend their time at.
  • It’s a tool that lets you to flourish your business beyond geographical boundaries.
  • Less expensive than traditional marketing practices.
  • More controlled and customizable.
  • Effective performance calculation and data analysis.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing
Little Interaction Effective two way communication and interaction
Higher Costs & budget constraints Low cost and customized budget options
Tough to measure ROI Real time measurement & tracking of ROI
Difficult to receive feedbacks and opinions On-time feedbacks and opinions to take effective decisions
Poor or higher conversion costs Converts at lower cost with high conversion ratio
Not easy to customize  and modify as per needs Totally customizable as per business needs and limitations
No data to monitor effectiveness and performance Measure every action and its effectiveness based on data
No data to monitor effectiveness and performance Measure every action and its effectiveness based on data
Not a plug and play mode of marketing Start and stop at any hour of the day
Limits to a geographical territory Capture audience across the world
traditional vs digital marketing

What We Offer

Make your presence speak over social media channels to let your business reach to more potential audience in a controlled and monitored way.

Why Social Media Marketing?

  • This lets you connect with your audience in a way they want to get connected.
  • Engaging way to communicate with your potential audience.
  • Helps your audience to know more about your brand, vision, value you bring to them and how your business helps them in their life.
  • Cost effective way of reaching out to audience in a more casual way to convey your message.
  • Develop a community rather than just a customer list.
  • Drives more conversions with strong customer loyalty.
  • Optimize your website for the keywords your target audience uses on internet to find the services/products you offer online.
  • Make your website technically sound from SEO perspective to let search engines know what value you can bring to users when ranked on 1st of search results.
  • Not an overnight process but economical and long term solution for business.
  • Higher rate of conversions as SEO is a reactive approach of marketing i.e. customer search for you.

BTMG SEO Workflow

The process starts with the competitor research to identify the spots you can target so that you can outrank your digital competition over internet to take your business to next level.

This 6 step process is developed to ensure that you do not miss the boat in digital sea.

seo process flow

  • Your instant trigger to reach the customers at the right time.
  • Unlike traditional TV Commercials and newspaper ads, PPC is more controlled way of spending your wisely and effectively.
  • You know your audience before spending a penny, more targeted and customized way of advertisement.
  • Unlike traditional advertisement methods, it gives you real time measurement of the value you are getting on your money spent on ads.
  • Helps you understand the customer buying behaviors and funnels.
  • Easy to calculate ROI and forecasting business growth w.r.t investment.
  • Get the top spot on popular search engines such as Google & Bing on a click

How PPC Works?

We make sure that every single penny you invest returns with maximum ROI and for that we follow our in-house built strategy by our experts.

  1. Cost & time effective marketing solution.
  2. Easy to manage, monitor and track the performance.
  3. Improve effectiveness of every campaign based on the previous results of the campaign.
  4. Higher conversion because of targeting right audience.
  5. Media based marketing makes it more customizeable.
  6. One click solution to automate marketing at any time or at specific time on any day.

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