Business Process Re-Engineering

Recommended seven re engineering standards to streamline the work procedure and in this way accomplish huge levels of change in quality, time administration, speed and benefit:

  • Sort out around results, not assignments.
  • Recognize every one of the procedures in an association and organize them all together of update direness.
  • Incorporate data handling work into the genuine work that creates the data.
  • Regard topographically scattered assets as if they were brought together.
  • Connect parallel exercises in the work process rather than simply incorporating their outcomes.
  • Put the choice point where the work is performed, and incorporate control with the procedure.
  • Catch data once and at the source.

BTMG USA – we help companies manage their technologies so they focus on their business,clients & productivity with peace of mind.

project management practice

  • Poor Requirement Gathering
  • Faster Agile Delivery
  • better productivity using agile

You can transform your project management into an agile scrum practice based business focusing quality and improving delivery time with satisfaction.

how do we help

  • Draw business processes as per industry’s standards
  • Review existing processes for further improvement
  • Incorporate resources re-usability practice
  • Automate manual or lengthy processes saving time & money
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Periodic auditing for sustainable success in motion


Client satisfaction guarantees the future growth, but it is only possible when you have delivered a successful project / product, which starts from collecting the most accurate information as step one.

Business Process Management – planning, implementation using smart reusable techniques help not only save money but create a future ready scaleable solution.

Compliance & Governance help maintain the integrity of the solution, ensures from conception to delivery, security,best practices were employed without concession.

how can we help you?

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