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Christian Marcil

Mayfair Capital
Our CRM was suffering a very bad implementation and no connectivity with other departments caused us huge damage in customers leaving us. BTMG USA amazingly ...

Debbie K├╝bel-Sorger

Condor Airlines
BTMG USA provided single sign on solutions to help us manage our scattered applications in one place with ease.

Angela Hogginton

I wanted to launch an online Teen accessories store dedicated to the younger generation. BTMGUSA came to help us develop innovative solutions to help Desaniya ...

Carl McPherson

Macho Mechanic
We had a unique idea to offer premium quality automobile repair and maintenance service for our nationwide customer base. Such solutions are not available ready-made. ...

Nelson Parker

Garage Gang
We had a challenge to develop Mobile automobile repair scheduling and appointment management system for our clients consisted of Web + Mobile applications. BTMG USA ...

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